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JB and his whine... er, wine
I have had a lot of wine during my travels through Nova Scotia. And on my last afternoon it is time to get the story behind the wine. In fact, I had a glass or two days earlier not knowing it came from the field I am about to enter. Since the entire trip has been learning about and enjoying the food in and from the region, a look at an award-winning winery is in order. Unfortunately, Domaine de Grand Pré's Hanspeter Stutz has another plan for me: putting me to work in the field picking grapes. But he promised me some wine after so I guess it is a fair trade-off.
Whether it is coming to enjoy some evening entertainment or having your wedding on the winery's grounds, Domaine de Grand Pré is a beautiful place to spend the day. You can tour the vineyard, enjoy a meal and taste some of the dozen types of wine. If you are lucky, Hanspeter will also teach you how to properly "Cheers!" with your wine. I got a lesson on the radio.
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JB chats with Hanspeter
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