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Hey, Good Lookin', what's cookin'?
Minutes after arriving at Gulliver's Cove and meeting Wanda and Calvin VanTassel, I was getting into their boat and heading out to trap lobsters. Wanda told me all about how this activity is a family affair -- her grandson is in the boat with me. At such a young age he's hauling traps, banding lobsters and even helped cook them.
I had no idea that I would be responsible for cooking dinner for the group of hungry fishermen after our adventure on the water. Thankfully there's a lot of wine and they won't notice if my stuff tastes like crap!
JB chats with Wanda from Fundy Adventures
There's no better way to wake up at Gulliver's Retreat than slipping into rubber boots and picking slimy green weeds from the ground. But actually, it kinda tastes good! We explored the edible sea life when the tide was out. I have to say, it wasn't appealing at first, but I came around.
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