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Let's hit them rapids
I will admit I had never heard of tidal bore rafting and after reading the information and seeing the brown water I wondered why exactly people find certain things to be fun. I was hesitant but determined to give it a shot.
A tour bus of kids from a summer camp was there so it made me feel much younger as I did this on the eve of my 30th birthday. The place is packed today and it's a waiting game until the tide comes in. We see what looks like mud everywhere but are reassured the area will be filled with water in no time. It's time to get wet and muddy!
JB chats with Nick
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I am the only one carrying electronic equipment which is getting me strange looks from the other adventure-seekers. We are told to hold on with both hands but I only have one to spare, so it is a little worrisome but like any good reporter I am determined to get my story.