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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley take a summer vacation to Nova Scotia
Sittin' on the
JB explores Bay of Fundy's underwater life
JB learns how to cook a steak
Getting wet and dirty
Tidal bore rafting is crazy... but hilariously fun
Driving across Nova Scotia, JB covers much of the Eastern province
JB slipped into his rubbers and got to work
Fine wining
JB hits the water
(and stays dry... mostly)
Goin' clammin'
The spa-ahh
Congratulations to Jeremy Bradley, named Outstanding Talk Media Webcaster by TALKERS magazine!
PLUS: mini golfing, dinosaur riding... and lots of KFC
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley Nova Scotia broadcasts proudly sponsored by
A kayak adventure... and picnic
dock of the Bay
JB really gets around
Some much-needed relaxation at the spa
It was like singing for your supper: JB had to pick grapes to enjoy some wine
Jeremy Bradley recaps the latest celeb news and gossip on Entertainment Wrap Up